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In an Emergency

We will help you:

  • see a physician sooner

  • see a physician rather than a nurse practitioner

  • discuss your condition with your ER doctor to form a treatment plan

  • arrange transfer to a medical center facility when necessary

  • understand the big picture of your condition and your prognosis

  • avoid unnecessary tests or surgery

You are our priority.

We will help you feel better and recover as soon as possible.

We connect you with the best doctors and hospitals for your condition.

We keep you and your loved ones in the loop at every stage—so you understand your options, what your test results mean, and what you can expect as you recover.

Without Dr. Handler, I would not have been able to navigate several emergencies which required moving through the ER to the right doctors and finding the help I needed, and fast. With Dr. Handler as my advocate, I got an evening call-back from a specialist to address my situation. Dr. Handler’s skills and knowledge are outstanding. I am grateful for his services.

~ Doris M.

Brookline, MA

When you are coping with illness or injury, you feel vulnerable. You need someone on your side to advocate for you and your loved ones. PAPA MD is here to help you navigate the complicated and ever-changing medical system. We're here to help you and your family.

Don't leave home without an advocate!

Patient Advocate Services:
  • Emergencies

  • Accident or Injury

  • Illness—Acute or Chronic

  • In-Hospital

  • Outpatient

  • At home

  • While traveling

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