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Patient Stories

Here's what our clients have to say about PAPA MD

  • Without Dr. Handler (PAPA), I would never have gotten my wife into the leading GI surgeon in NYC immediately within a week to operate on a rare but curable condition.

~ Stephen F., Manhattan, NY

  • Dr. Handler saved me from unnecessary surgery when I called him at 11pm and was told not to sign the consent for surgery, as a simple consult had not been done. When the orthopedic consult was then called the next day, the surgery was deemed unnecessary, as Dr. Handler had indicated. HE SAVED ME from surgery and a different fate! 

~ Sara H., Boston, MA

  • My mother was having difficulty with her memory, and then suffered a fall. Dr. Handler helped me navigate the situation as she went from hospital, to rehab, and then to a wonderful assisted living community. I couldn't have done it without him. She felt cared for all the way! 

~ Susan S., Wellesley, MA

  • My mother had a small skin tag taken off without incident. However, then suddenly it became very infected during the healing process. The doctor said it looked fine but Dr. Handler said that she needed immediate antibiotics to avoid infection. He consulted with a leading infectious disease doctor in Boston who concurred. He saved her life!

~ Mary J., Westwood, MA

  • I noticed a bump on my back and immediately called Dr. Handler (PAPA). I was very nervous about a potential cancer. Dr. Handler was able to put me at ease on a Friday night! Where else would I have turned without him?

~ Katherine C., Newton, MA

  • My son had been depressed for some time and I needed to get him the right help urgently. I called Dr. Handler (PAPA) and he made calls to fast track him to the best hospital and physician. He is doing much better now.

~ Jessica L., Weston, MA

  • When my mammogram showed a shadow and I was told I could wait 6 months for another mammogram, I called Dr. Handler who consulted with a world-renowned radiologist in Boston, who indicated what the course of action should be. I was told not to wait, but to have an ultrasound, which led to a biopsy. A very early cancer was found and I am now cancer-free.

~ Lucy L., Natick, MA

When you are coping with illness or injury, you feel vulnerable. You need someone on your side to advocate for you and your loved ones. PAPA MD is here to help you navigate the complicated and ever-changing medical system. We're here to help you and your family.

Don't leave home without an advocate!

Patient Advocate Services:
  • Emergencies

  • Accident or Injury

  • Illness—Acute or Chronic

  • In-Hospital

  • Outpatient

  • At home

  • While traveling

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