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As an Outpatient

We will help you: 

  • find the best doctors for your condition—even if they’re out of network

  • fast-track appointments to see a doctor as soon as possible

  • understand your test results & treatment options

  • negotiate with your insurance company to get the best care

  • arrange second opinions when necessary

  • avoid unnecessary tests, surgeries, or delays in your treatment


You are our priority.

We will help you feel better and recover as soon as possible.

We keep you and your loved ones in the loop at every stage—so you understand your options, what your test results mean, and what you can expect as you recover.

I am lucky to have Dr. Handler on my team. I have complex medical needs which require not only lots of communication with my many providers but also finding professionals that can help with my multitude of medical issues. Dr Handler has handled this time and time again with ease and patience and never seems to treat this as labor but as a labor of love. I am lucky to have him as a team member.

~ Ruby S.

Somerville, MA

When you are coping with illness or injury, you feel vulnerable. You need someone on your side to advocate for you and your loved ones. PAPA MD is here to help you navigate the complicated and ever-changing medical system. We're here to help you and your family.

Don't leave home without an advocate!

Patient Advocate Services:
  • Emergencies

  • Accident or Injury

  • Illness—Acute or Chronic

  • In-Hospital

  • Outpatient

  • At home

  • While traveling

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